Massage Cushions

Forte/Altera Cushion Set

Roller Massage
With the popularity of pedicures, it's nice to know that European Touch is always thinking of ways to help you differentiate your services. The Roller Massage Cushion is an ideal method of dramatically improving your spa without incurring a large expense. Best of all, installation is quick and easy.


Quality Design and Durable Construction
16 rubber wheels are strategically positioned to provide a luxurious, full-back massage. In combination with a gentle vibration mode, it's the ultimate relaxing experience. At the heart of the roller massage is a heavy-duty carriage mechanism and motor. The screw-driven massage mechanism never needs adjustment or maintenance. The foam used in the Roller Massage Cushion is flame retardant and UL Listed.


Cushion Set Includes

1 back roller/vibration cushion, 1 bottom seat, 1 set of arm pads (left & right), 1 roller/vibration remote and 1 massage transformer


European Touch part number:

14161320 - Black

14161321 - Burgundy

14161322 - Almond

14161323 - Cashmere


Cushion set with roller and vibration massage


  • 30 lb
  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days1

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